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Get Real about Money and Life!

by Katie Cullum

Get Real, Here’s the Deal is a hands-on simulation with twelve educational stations that gives young people the opportunity to experience their future in a financial decision-making mode. Students are encouraged to make good financial choices similar to real-life experiences adults face every day. Students receive activity cards and a checkbook with a starting balance at the beginning of the interactive exhibit. The cards they receive provide an occupation and salary, number of children, and tax deductions. When they check in at each station in the exhibit, they face possible crises that cost money, and have an opportunity to shop, go for salon services, open a credit card, buy a house, or buy a car. Many students are “bankrupt” before they even get housing or transportation based on the choices they make at each station.

Get Real, Here’s the Deal can be scheduled with the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture family and consumer science agent in each county. The exhibit is best suited for use in schools, 8th – 12th grade.

Check out some pictures below to see the simulation in action!


people looking at display of food

Choosing a food plan in Basic Nutrients station

adult and students looking at display on transportation

Picking out a vehicle in Transportation Station

volunteers help with displays

Local volunteers help with "Staying Connected" and other stations

adult and student discussing display

"It Could Happen to You" station allows students to pick a card and deal with it!

adult and students with display

In "Protect Your Assets," students learn all about insurance.