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Arkansas Dairy Cattle

Holstein Dairy Cow
Holstein Heifer (Photo Courtesy of USDA)

How much milk does a cow produce in a day?

Most dairy cows are milked two to three times per day. On average, a cow will produce six to seven gallons of milk each day. Arkansas producers more than 17 million gallons of milk annually.

What happens to a cow after it no longer produces milk?

Cows that have concluded their production in the herd, are utilized for production of ground beef. Dairy veal and dairy steers are sold in similar markets and under identical USDA grading systems to more traditional beef breed steers. Byproducts of dairy beef production include leather, fertilizer, cosmetics, glue, and pharmaceuticals.

How many dairies are in Arkansas?

There are less than 50 dairies currently in Arkansas.

The 4-H Dairy Project is a livestock enterprise for youth throughout the state. Dairy cattle are commonly shown at county, district and Arkansas State Fairs. There are also activities available such as dairy judging, dairy quiz bowl, and dairy skillathon at the 4-States Dairy Days. Additionally, the Dairy Foods Contest is very popular on the county and state levels.