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Forage Demonstrations

Our agents demonstrate the latest research-based methods to treating fields for weeds and growing forages for livestock.

2020 Broadleaf Forage Weed Control Demonstration

Location: Washington County

Learn what agents in Northwest Arkansas learned about controlling hemlock, cuckleburr, buttercup and other broadleaf weeds in a field of bermuda. Note at the 7:22 mark, you can see data for what herbicide produced the best results.

Yellow Dent Corn
Yellow Dent Corn

Fall Forage Production Demonstration - Warm Season Annuals

Location: Fayettville, AR | Washington County
                 Hope, AR | Hempstead County

Livestock production in Arkansas is primarily pasture based. The two predominant forages grown in the state are fescue and Bermuda grass. Historically, Extension efforts have focused on helping producers increase the growth of these two forages and find creative ways to extend the production of these forages into periods of the year that are outside of their normal growth curves. To view the full demonstration and results, see the PDF below.

Warm Season Annual Demonstration