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C.E.S.P. 11-6: Postage Guidelines

Date Revised: 7-20-2004
Supersedes: 9-30-2003

Summary: Defines and establishes the procedure for Extension postage.

The federal penalty mail regulations ended effective October 1, 2003.  Extension has modified the postage guidelines to comply with the various federal and state policies and regulations. Below are the guidelines that should be followed:

  1. Appropriate identification to include the U of A Division of Agriculture must appear on all correspondence, newsletters, etc. 

  2. Letterhead must include the cooperating statement and the statement of nondiscrimination. 

  3. Return addresses on all correspondence must use the Extension State Office return address. 

  4. All returned mail will be opened at the postal center and screened.

  5. Letter correspondence, including newsletters, letters of transmittal or transmittal slips, must carry the signature, name, and title of the sender when mailed.

  6. Only non-classified employees or personnel authorized by the Director can sign and send correspondence on behalf of Extension.

  7. Material that could be interpreted as advertising may not be mailed.

Examples:  The field day lunch will be provided by ABC Seed Company; or any material published by commercial concerns such as a leaflet describing a particular product or service.

If a sponsor is identified on the material, a disclaimer should be disclosed stating:  "Sponsor credit or recognition does not imply the University of Arkansas' endorsement of the services or products named."

  1. Material to solicit funds or items may not be mailed using fund 14000 or any other C.S.R.E.E.S. funds.

  2. Extension mail may not be used for mailing any material sent in behalf of, or considered business affairs of established organizations, such as soliciting, collecting dues, calling meetings, or otherwise promoting the interest of established organizations such as E.H.C. or 4-H Foundation.  

  3. Extension mail may not be used for personal messages, such as Christmas greetings or farewell messages, unless these messages are incidental to official information in the letter/newsletter.  Information may not be mailed for religious or political announcements or advertisements.  

  4. Fair, Livestock, Shows, and Sales:  Information on how to prepare or display exhibits at fairs, livestock shows, and sales may be mailed.  Announcements or other material that could be interpreted as business of or advertisements for fairs, livestock shows, and sales may not be mailed.

  5. Official material, including lists of prizes or awards pertaining to 4-H Club contests which are considered part of an approved Extension project, may be mailed. 

Noncompliance may result in personal reimbursement for inappropriate use of postage.

For State Office postal center procedures, refer to C.E.S.P. 11-8.


POST-380: Postage Violation Notice