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Become a Share Grounds Client

Follow these steps to become a Share Grounds client.


 Review UAEX Resources

To make better informed business decisions, review the following pages: 


Client Intake Form

Contact the Share Grounds Manager to schedule an initial meeting and tour of the facility. Be prepared to discuss your food product and business strategy. During your meeting, you will receive a User Agreement, facility policies and a rental fee chart to review.


Market Research

Based on your meeting with the Manager, research retail options for your product and price shop ingredients and packaging for your product. Use these numbers to estimate your start up costs.


Purchase Insurance

In order to us the Share Grounds Kitchen, you must have product liability insurance in force. The Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP) provides insurance to small food businesses (~$300/yr).


Trial Run

Schedule a time to run a trial batch of your recipe in the Share Grounds Kitchen. Bring a copy of your Insurance Policy and a signed User Agreement to the facility. This step may require multiple test batches to achieve the right recipe based on taste, quality and food safety.


 Develop Operational Procedures

With the help of the manager, develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Sanitation Standard Operation Procedure (SSOP), Recall Plan, Allergen Plan and other operational documentation for your food company.


Product Label

Develop a product label. The Product Labeling Information Guide provides information on mandatory label requirements. For a nominal fee, AFIC can create a Nutrition Facts panel for your product label.


Commercial Process Review

Prepare your application for the Arkansas Department of Health, Wholesale/ Manufactured Food permit. Review all paperwork and product label(s) with the Share Grounds site manager.


ADH Permit

Apply for a food manufacturing permit from the Arkansas Department of Health. Once approved, provide a copy to the Share Grounds Manager. 

With completion of these steps, you are now a commercial client at the Share Grounds. 


Contact the Share Grounds Manager