UACES Facebook Videos and Voter Guide Help Arkansans Decipher 2022 Ballot Issues
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Videos and Voter Guide Help Arkansans Decipher 2022 Ballot Issues

by Kristin Higgins - October 10, 2022

New videos and a printed voter guide are now available to help Arkansas voters decipher the four constitutional amendments on the Nov. 8 ballot.

The Public Policy Center at the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture released four separate videos detailing each of the constitutional amendments on next month's ballot.

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Voters who prefer a more tactile experience can now pick up a printed 2022 Arkansas Ballot Issues Voter Guide from their county extension offices. All 75 county extension offices now have copies, with many extension agents distributing copies at local libraries, county courthouses and other popular locations in their communities. 

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What's On the 2022 Arkansas Ballot?

Early voting starts Oct. 24 for the November General Election. At the end of the ballot, voters will see four proposed constitutional amendments that seek to alter the state's 1874 Constitution in one way or another.

Three of the proposals came from the legislature while the fourth proposal came from a citizen ballot issue group that collected more than 89,151 voter signatures to qualify the issue for the ballot.

Issue 1 is a constitutional amendment that would give state legislators the same authority as the governor to call themselves into special session and to set the agenda.

Read the voter guide

Watch the video

Issue 2 is a constitutional amendment that would require 60% voter approval for any future constitutional amendment or citizen-initiated state law on the ballot. Currently, statewide ballot issues require a simple majority or over 50% voter approval.

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Issue 3 is the Arkansas Religious Freedom Amendment. It would add language to the Arkansas Constitution prohibiting state and local governments from burdening the practice of religion unless the government shows there’s a compelling reason to do so and acts in the least restrictive way.

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Watch the video

Issue 4 is the Arkansas Adult Use Cannabis Amendment. If passed, it would allow adults 21 and older to legally possess 1 ounce of marijuana for non-medical purposes. It would set up a licensing system for a limited number of businesses to grow and sell marijuana for recreational purposes, among other things.

Read the voter guide

Watch the video

Understanding the Issues

When casting their votes, Arkansans see the popular name and ballot title of each proposed constitutional amendment. But every amendment involves more information that is not included on the ballot.

Voters can find the full text of each proposal proposals on our issue websites as well links to agency documents showing who has officially filed to support or oppose an issue.

Inside the 2022 Arkansas Ballot Issue Voter Guide, you will find:

  • How the proposals will appear on the ballot
  • What a “FOR” or “AGAINST” vote means
  • Questions and answers about what proposals would do
  • Supporter and opponent viewpoints

About Our Materials

The Public Policy Center has published unbiased fact sheets on statewide ballot measures since 2004 so Arkansans have a better understanding of what is being asked of them on Election Day. The fact sheets in the voter guide go through a vetting process that includes reviews by law school professors, issue supporters and opponents.

In 2020, we distributed 38,000 ballot issue voter guides across Arkansas' 75 counties. People also downloaded the guide more than 18,000 times. Find past voter guides in our archive.