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Arkansas APEX Accelerator Success Story: Grano Reforestation, Inc.

by Kim Magee and Kimberly Randle - October 31, 2022

Owner Gabino GranoGrano Reforestation, Inc., a Hispanic-owned company, was founded by Gabino Grano in 1995 in Hot Springs before eventually relocating to Waldron.

Successfully operating in one of the top forestry counties in Arkansas, Gabino Grano has worked with the Forest Service as a sub-contractor and contractor for more than 27 years in all phases of reforestation. He has extensive knowledge of tree species, pests, diseases and pest management, all types of terrain, and the use of tools and tool safety. His team provides a variety of forestry support services including tree planting, thinning, pruning, pesticide application and seeding.

Gabino Grano is a respected vendor to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and in the fourth quarter of federal fiscal year 2022, his business performed on multiple contracts totaling $271,517. His most recent government contract will be using his chainsaw services to space out pine trees to ensure better growth.

Gabino Grano’s strong work ethic, conscientiousness regarding his business practices and principles, and commitment to providing economic prosperity for his employees, has been a steady example to his son. Last year, Gabino D. Grano followed in his father’s footsteps and launched J. Fall Forestry.

After learning of the services offered by Arkansas APEX Accelerator from a Forest Service contracting officer, Gabino Grano has benefited from APEX Accelerator services on numerous occasions and did not hesitate to reach out this summer for guidance in renewing Grano Reforestation’s System for Award Management (SAM) registration, given the platform’s national transition occurring since April. He mentioned previously being charged for services such as SAM by outside vendors. 

The daughter of an Arkansas forester herself, APEX Accelerator Counselor Kimberly Randle traveled to Waldron to personally meet with the Granos to provide assistance and offer suggestions for expanding access to contracting opportunities. Later, when J. Fall Forestry was unable to receive payments due to an unexplained glitch in the government’s payment process, the Granos contacted Randle to advocate for them regarding this urgent matter. She worked with them to escalate the issue with the federal contracting officer, which ultimately resulted in the payments being quickly restored and the processing error being corrected to the relief of everyone!

“We are happy with the services offered by Arkansas APEX Accelerator and the assistance that Kimberly has provided to us. Over the last two months, Kimberly has spent ample time on the phone with us to resolve issues when our payments were being rejected.  Following her assistance, we received quick resolution,” said Gabino Grano. He said it was a blessing to his company to no longer be paying for services that he can receive free of charge.

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