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Legislators Filing 2022 Ballot Issue Proposals

by Kristin Higgins - January 22, 2021

Arkansas lawmakers filed their first proposed constitutional amendments for the 2022 ballot since the General Session started earlier this month.

As of Jan. 22, state representatives have filed two proposed amendments. Nothing had been submitted by state senators yet. Legislators have until Feb. 10 to file their proposals.

We will provide a running list of proposals throughout the session:

Proposals Filed in the House

HJR1001 - An amendment to the Arkansas Constitution authorizing the General Assembly to convene itself in extraordinary session.  Sponsor: Rep. Cavenaugh
HJR1002 - An amendment to the Arkansas Constitution providing when an annual ad valorem tax for the maintenance and operation of schools and the retirement of indebtedness shall be considered at the annual school election.  Sponsor: Rep. Tollett
Both proposals have been referred to the House Committee on State Agencies & Governmental Affairs.

What to Expect Next

Typically legislators file dozens of proposals that are then narrowed down through the committee process. The Arkansas Constitution allows lawmakers to propose up to three amendments on a general election ballot.
Arkansas is one of 15 states where legislators and citizens can propose changes to the state constitution.
Since 2011, legislators have referred 13 constitutional amendments to voters. Citizen groups have had six proposed amendments and laws on the ballot for voters to decide.
Arkansas' 1874 Constitution currently has 102 amendments, the latest which were approved by voters in November 2020 changing the state's term limit laws and approving a permanent 0.5% sales tax for roadwork and maintenance across the state.