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Fall Lawn Care

Pay attention to the weather, and adjust your irrigation and watering habits accordingly. Check out these water saving tips
  • Prepare lawn areas in which fescue died from the summer’s heat. Fescue is sown in September through October. Seedbeds should be tilled and raked, and amended with nutrients as specified by a soil test result. Once sown, keep newly planted lawn areas moist but not wet.
  • Apply a pre-emergent herbicide on your lawn to control cool-season weeds such as chickweed, henbit, dead nettle, and annual bluegrass (Poa annua). Note: Do not treat areas that will be seeded in the fall.

Check out our  Lawn Care Calendar for bermudagrass.

How to Winterize your Mower

  1. First disconnect the spark plug wire.
  2. Drain out all the gasoline and oil, and replace the old oil with fresh oil. (Take the old oil to a recycling center.)
  3. Clean out grass from underneath the mower.
  4. Spray paint under the clean deck to prevent rust in the future.
  5. Remove and clean the air filter or replace paper filters.
  6. Inspect the wheels, and replace excessively worn wheels to ensure a level cut next spring.
  7. Remove blades, and sharpen them before storing.

Additional Lawn Care Resources