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The Many Ways to Support Arkansas Extension Programming 

Employee Amy Cole is recognized for receiving CES Retiree Scholarship
Employee Amy Cole receives CES Retiree Scholarship.

The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture truly appreciates your philanthropic spirit and commitment. The Extension Service is grateful you are considering a gift to support its work across the state. Gifts can be made today or through many deferred giving options below.

To make gift by cash or check (please make checks payable to UACES), please mail or deliver your gift to:

U of A Cooperative Extension Service
Development Office
2301 South University Ave. 
Little Rock, AR  72204

To give online through your Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover. You may make a one time gift or make monthly install ments. To make a gift today, please click on the donate now button above.

Additional giving opportunities:

 Annual Giving

Annual giving is crucial to the Division of Agriculture as these gifts provide a foundation for programs that exist today. These gifts ensure flexibility as funding is immediately available to underwrite a program, provide unrestricted funds for a county or program area, or sponsor an event, scholarship or seminar. While many gifts may be unrestricted, meeting the most important immediate needs identified by the Division, you may also designate your annual gift to support a specific county, program or fund. Your annual gift, in any amount, demonstrates your lasting commitment toward making a difference in the lives of individuals and in local communities.

Non-cash / In-kind Gifts

You may gift to the Cooperative Extension Service or one of the Division's research centers valuable personal property that can either be used "as is" in our programs or be sold with proceeds funding a project/program of your choice. Your gift of personal property may qualify as a tax deductible charitable contribution.

Other important giving opportunities:

  • Appreciated, marketable securities are a good resource for giving. If you have stocks that have appreciated, it is more advantageous to transfer your stock as a gift instead of selling it and then donating cash. Appreciated securities may receive two types of tax benefits.

  •  Gifts of appreciated farmland and other real estate owned more than one year have the same tax benefits as gifts of securities. The appraised value of the property is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law, and you do not pay capital gains taxes on the appreciation compared to selling the property and then making a gift.

  • The charitable lead trust is an excellent tool to minimize taxes on assets you intend to leave to your heirs, while providing an immediate gift of income. As such, you select assets to place in trust and how long the trust will last. Income from the trust is paid to the UA System Division of Agriculture for the period you specify. When the trust terminates, the remaining principal is given to you or to others you specify, and you may benefit significantly if you elect to transfer the remaining assets to others at this time.

  • Deferred gifts directed to The University of Arkansas Foundation, Inc., can also be made that will benefit the UA System Division of Agriculture at a later date when you no longer need all your resources, when you have been able to accumulate more resources, when care of loved ones has been properly provided, and/or when you believe it will benefit the Division the most. Deferred gifts include:

  • Designating a gift to the Cooperative Extension Service or a research center in your will – a "bequest" – is an excellent way to make a contribution without diminishing assets during your lifetime. Making provisions for The University of Arkansas Foundation, Inc., to be named as a beneficiary in your will/living trust is easy for your attorney to complete. Since gifts by bequest are tax deductible from your taxable estate, considerable tax savings are possible. Also, you may designate the specific program(s) that you wish to benefit.  

Click here for Example Bequest Language to share with your legal counsel is provided for your convenience

  • Gifts of life insurance are another excellent way to help your favorite areas within the UA System Division of Agriculture. Substantial sums can be provided for a modest initial outlay. This is most advantageous when you contribute a paid-up, whole-life insurance policy. You may also give a whole-life policy on which you are still paying premiums or a paid-up term policy.

Tax benefits are available during your lifetime, however, for gifts of life insurance in which The University of Arkansas Foundation, Inc., is made both the owner of the policy and the beneficiary.

Life insurance can also be used to replace funds charitably given so that your children or other heirs can be provided for, as well as programs of the UA System Division of Agriculture. Your financial advisor(s) and our professional gift planners can share information about how this tool can be added to other deferred gift options.

  • A charitable gift annuity is a transfer of cash or other valuables (such as farmland or other real estate) to The University of Arkansas Foundation, Inc., in exchange for guaranteed annuity payments. The benefits include a fixed lifetime income, an immediate tax deduction for your gift, tax-free treatment on part of the lifetime income, and the joy of knowing you are helping a program in which you truly believe. The fixed income returned to you may exceed the current return you are getting on CDs, stock dividends or other investment returns.

Upon your death, or the death of a spouse, the UA System Division of Agriculture receives the remainder interest. You can also direct how the Division is to use these proceeds. Our development staff will be glad to provide you with specific information in strict confidence about how these tax and income incentives add up and without any obligation from you.

  • A number of trusts also provide lifetime income for you and your spouse, if you elect. These include the Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust, Charitable Remainder Unitrust, Net Income Unitrust and Flip Unitrust. A successfully created trust can provide a fixed level of income, significant tax advantages, future financial protection for loved ones, and generous support for UA Division of Agriculture programs.


For more information regarding any information contained on this page, please email the Cooperative Extension Development Office at or call 501-671-2156.