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Health Literacy Resources for Arkansans

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How to Talk to Your Doctor is a FREE program that serves as a great way to get ready for visits to the doctor. Being able to understand and take the right action to make good health choices is important to improve your overall health.

This program will help you make the most of visits to your doctor.

How to Talk to Your Doctor aims to build your confidence when talking to your healthcare provider, equip you with the right questions to ask, and provide helpful tools to take along to your visits. If you are an adult wanting to prepare for your next doctor's visit, this program is for you.

 How to Talk to Your Doctor Resources


      How to Talk to Your Doctor Handbook Attend a FREE session to receive the How to Talk to Your Doctor handbook which includes 5 steps to teach you how to talk to your healthcare provider.
 How to Talk to Your Doctor handbag The FREE How to Talk to Your Doctor bag will make it easier to carry your meds to your visits.
 County Extension Map To learn more contact your local extension office.

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