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Arkansas Pesticide Training Resources

The following is a list of trainings that applicators may need to handle, mix, load, and/or apply certain
products. Read the descriptions carefully to see which training(s) apply to you or workers under your

This training is for certification and recertification of private applicators. If you have never had a private applicator license, or it has been over 5-years since you had one, you must contact a County Extension Office. They can provide the initial certification training required for first-timers or those that have let their license lapse more than 5-years.

Find Initial and Recertification Resources

This training is for commercial and non-Commercial applicators that have and want to maintain a license. Recertification is required every 3 years in most cases.

Find Recertification Resources

EPA mandated annual training for employees that are considered pesticide handlers- those who mix, load or apply agricultural pesticides; clean or repair pesticide application equipment; or assist with the application of pesticides. This 40-minute video produced by Iowa State University can be downloaded or
streamed by agricultural employers to train their own employees.

View the Worker Protection Standards Video 

Per EPA, any person who intends to use paraquat must be a certified applicator and is required to complete this training every 3 years. “Use” includes pre-application activities involving mixing and loading the pesticide, applying the pesticide, and other pesticide-related activities. Including but not limited to: transporting or storing opened pesticide containers, cleaning equipment, and disposing of excess pesticides, spray mix, equipment wash waters, pesticide containers, and other paraquat-containing materials. Read the sign-on instructions carefully to self-enroll.

Enroll in Paraquat Online Training

Any applicator planning to apply Enlist formulations to labeled crops should complete the revised online Enlist training. Annual renewal is required by the Arkansas Agriculture Department, even if applicators have held this certificate in prior seasons. 

Complete the Online Enlist Training

This training requirement is for all Arkansas commercial, non-commercial, private, and commercial applicator technicians applying dicamba to non-dicamba crops, pasture and rangeland, or for burn-down use. This training is required annually

Complete the Online Dicamba Training

Anyone wanting to apply new Dicamba formulations (Engenia®, Tavium®, or Xtendimax®) before May 26th and in-crop must complete a dicamba specific company training. Applicators can complete any company dicamba training regardless of which new formulation they intend on applying. Applicators should check the following company websites for training that meets this requirement. This training is required annually.

Find BASF resources for Engenia®

Find Bayer resources for Xtendimax®

Find Syngenta resources for Tavium®


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