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Commercial/Non-Commercial Pesticide Application Recertification Training (includes Commercial Applicator Technicians)

Recertification Training for Commercial/Non-Commercial Applicators:

Commercial and Non-Commercial applicators that have and want to maintain a license must be retrained (recertified) every 3 years in most cases. 

Two options for commercial/non-commercial applicator recertification:

Option 1:  Because of the current COVID-19 (Corona virus) situation, we have implemented a temporary change in our pesticide applicator training programs and will not be providing face-to-face trainings for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, you can recertify for your commercial/non-commercial and commercial applicator technician (CAT) license by completing an online recertification training module available via the link below:

 Online Training

Training is  provided by the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. Please contact Ples Spradley with questions.

Option 2:  Retake the exams.  Contact the Arkansas Department of Agriculture Plant Industries Division, Pesticide Section, for more information. 


Questions about turf and ornamental licensing?

Call Seth Dunlap at the Arkansas Department of Agriculture Plant Industries Division 501-225-1598   

  •  Recertification for Turf & Ornamental Categories ( Class 4, 5, 6, 9A, 9B, 10)

Turf and ornamental applicators who already have a license and need to be recertified before July 1.

Course Content:

  • Class 4-Ornamental Tree and Turf Pest Control
  • Class 5-Weed Control
  • Class 6-Golf Course Pest Control
  • Class 9A- Non- Commercial Ornamental Tree and Turf Pest Control
  • Class 9B- Non-Commercial Weed Control
  • Class 10- Non-Commercial Golf Course Pest Control

Turf and ornamental recertification training date: (Classes:4,5,6,9A,9B,10) 
The meeting is for applicators that already have a license and need to be recertified before July 1.

  • When:   TBA
  • Where: State Extension Service office at 2301 S. University Little Rock, AR 72204.
  • Cost:  $50.00 ( check or money order only), payable at the door.

How to register for turf and ornamental recertification training

You may preregister for the meeting by calling 501-671-2232.

Recertification training for the turf and ornamental categories is  available in January at the following annual meetings:

If you have never had a license in the turf & ornamental, structural, household & rodent, or fumigation categories, contact Seth Dunlap at the Arkansas Department of Agriculture Plant Industries Division for more information ( 501-225-1598).