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First-Timer Commercial/Non-Commercial Pesticide Certification Training (no prior license) Includes Commercial Applicator Technicians (CAT)


Purpose of the training

These training sessions are intended to help individuals prepare for the exams required in order to obtain a pesticide license.  These meetings are intended to train custom applicators, aerial applicators, University and Extension personnel (including graduate students), chemical company employees, employees of state and federal government agencies, etc.


Training dates and locations

Option 1: We now have online initial certification and online testing available at the links below. Follow the directions carefully. The online training will give you a full 3-year certification, but remember that you can only get a 1-year license. Therefore, each year you will have to renew your license via the Arkansas Department of Agriculture’s online license renewal form.  To be certified, you MUST take and pass the exams provided by the Arkansas Department of Agriculture. A passing grade is 70%. 

Online Training

Online Testing

Training is  provided by the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. Please contact Ples Spradley ( 501-671-2234) with questions.

Testing is provided by the Arkansas Department of Agriculture. Please contact Tracy Eades ( (501) 225-1598) with questions.

Please be aware that after you have completed the online training you MUST obtain and fill out a license application forms DP-30 (Individual Commercial License) or DP-27 (Individual Non-Commercial License) and send it along with the required license fee, to the Arkansas Department of Agriculture (formally known as the Arkansas State Plant Board). The DP-30 and DP-27 forms can be downloaded by clicking on the buttons below. 

Download DP-30 License Form

Download DP-27 License Form

Option 2:  Attend an in-person initial certification training at one of the following locations. All meetings start at 9:00 a.m. Following the training, the required exams will be given by the Arkansas Department of Agriculture. 


Cost for training is $50 per person  – For questions regarding payment for registration, please contact Ples Spradley ( - 501-671-2234) or Courtney Spinks ( - 501-671-2057) 

To purchase the study kit ($15):

Course content: 

  • Agricultural Plants (ground and aerial)
  • Right of Way
  • Demonstration and Research
  • Forest Pest Control
  • Wood Treatment
  • Aquatic Pest Control
  • Public Health
  • Agricultural Animals

Please note that commercial/non-commercial training does not apply to structural, household, and turf & ornamental (lawn care) applicators.

Questions about turf and ornamental licensing?

If you have never had a license in the turf & ornamental, structural, household & rodent, or fumigation categories, contact Seth Dunlap at the Arkansas Department of Agriculture Plant Industries Division for more information (501-225-1598). 


Ples Spradley
Extension Pesticide Safety Education specialist


Courtney Spinks
Extension Pesticide Safety Education Program Associate