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Recommendations for the Rotating Cross-Arm (RCA) Trellis in Blackberry Systems

Moveable trellising systems like the rotating cross-arm trellis (RCA) have grown in popularity among blackberry growers in the Southeast to combat extreme weather impacts on blackberry production. Horticulture production extension specialist Dr. Amanda McWhirt and her team have been conducting research at the University of Arkansas Fruit Research Station in Clarksville, Arkansas studying the effects of the RCA trellis on yield, fruit quality, and labor. 

Through this research, various resources have been developed to provide information on the best management practices for blackberries on an RCA trellis system. 


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Cover page for the Southeastern Blackberry Production on the Rotating Cross-Arm (RCA) Trellis Handbook 

MP575: Southeastern Blackberry Production on the Rotating Cross-Arm (RCA) Trellis Handbook 

This handbook is meant to guide new users in efficiently managing blackberries on the Rotating Cross-Arm (RCA) trellis. Topics include: 

  • What are moveable and rotating cross-arm (RCA) trellises?
  • Benefits
  • Limitations
  • Economics
  • RCA trellis design and components
  • Getting started with RCA trellises for Blackberry
  • Cane and Canopy Management 

Download the RCA Handbook Here



Additional Resources


We would like to thank the Arkansas Department of Agriculture Specialty Crop Block Grant program for supporting this project and the production of these resources.

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