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Produce Safety Publications and Resources

The FSMA Produce Safety Rule covers a range of food safety topics focused on the contamination of produce. There are many ways, big and small, to reduce microbial contamination on the farm. Review our list of resources to find best practices for produce safety and tools to understand the Produce Safety Rule. Also included on this page are produce safety resources related to COVID-19 and Natural Disasters.


Worker Training

Routes of Contamination


Factsheet: Electric Fence Designs to Deter White-tailed Deer

VIDEO: Electric Fence Designs for Deterring White-tailed Deer

Land Use

Produce Safety Alliance: Food Safety for Flooded Farms


Food Safety Sheet for Specialty Crop Farm Operators

VIDEO: COVID-19 Guidance for Employers & Guest Workers

Natural Disasters

Food Safety for Flooded Farms

Arkansas Locally Grown Produce Harvest Calendar

Factsheet: A Consumer's Guide to Safe Handling of Locally Grown Produce

Demonstration Videos

VIDEO: Produce Safety in the Home Garden: Lettuce Harvest