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System Management - Publications

C.E.S.P. 3-13: Distribution of Publications

Date Revised: 8-29-2005
Supersedes: 4-24-2001

Summary: Establishes policy regarding free and for-sale distribution of publications.

I.     Free Distribution

Individual Requests

Single copies of Extension publications not designated as "for sale only" may be given or mailed upon request.

Group Meetings

Extension faculty may distribute Extension publications at group meetings upon request.

Bulk Order Requests

Bulk requests from schools, organizations, institutions, and agencies for multiple copies of publications not normally sold should be directed to Financial Service. Agents may provide up to five free copies to these groups. Financial Service will consult with the appropriate associate director and district director to determine the price for requests above five. If bulk copies are sold, the price will be set using the method described in II, D, below.

Mass Distribution

Large scale distribution of Extension publications at fairs, county-wide meetings or other exhibits is prohibited. One copy of each publication may be displayed.

Office Displays

Timely publications should be displayed in the county Extension office. Displays should be changed as needed.

Out of State

Requests from individuals located outside of Arkansas should be referred to the Business Office. (Requests for 1890 publications will be referred to the 1890 Administrator.)

II    For Sale Publication

Decisions to produce for sale only publications will be made by the Associate Vice President for Agriculture - Extension or 1890 Administrator, if appropriate, after receiving a recommendation from the Associate Director - Agriculture and Natural Resources or the Associate Director - Family, Youth and 4-H Education.

Complimentary Copies

The initial distribution of complimentary copies will be determined during the proposal process. County Extension offices will receive an office copy for display together with order forms. The distribution of complimentary copies to county Extension agents will be determined by the appropriate associate director. Requests for additional complimentary copies may be made to the associate director by the author or district director.

Ordering For Sale Publications

Processing an order on the web:

• Go to

• Enter your Intranet I D and password.

• Click on Order Supplies to process a supply order or Order Publications to process an order for one or more publications.

• Select Item or Item Number in the Sort By: box.

• Type all or part of the name of the item you want in the Keywords: box (for example, enter batter to list all battery items in the supply order, enter water in box One:, cons in box Two: and click Two fields -AND- 1 and 2 in the Search: box to find water conservation publications in the publication order).

• Click Browse/Search.

• Enter the quantity wanted in the Amt box. The On Hand box tells you how many of the item are available.

• Click on the Process Order button at the bottom of the window.

• Click Finalize to send your order to the warehouse. The order will not be sent until this step is performed.

All new publications are announced in the weekly director's letter monthly. The listing includes the author, division, area, and subject for ease in finding the publication in the computerized program.

Certain publications are available on the web in two formats, H T M L and P D F. View images in either the H T M L / P D F  version by clicking on the needed format H T M L / P D F. View images in P D F by engaging acrobat reader. Web publications are listed in alphabetical order.

Financial Services will ship to the address on the order form, track sales, and provide reports to the appropriate associate director. Direct sale by county Extension offices is prohibited.

A brochure to promote an individual for sale publication may be developed jointly by the author and the Communications Office. Preparations of a promotional brochure must be approved by the appropriate associate director.

Pricing For Sale Publications

The price of for sale publications will include cost of printing plus an inflationary increase to cover cost of reprinting plus postage and other handling costs. The price will be determined by Financial Services in consultation with the appropriate Associate Director. The price of bulk requests may be discounted. Bulk orders for 4-H publications will not be discounted because postage and handling are not included in the 4-H price.

For Sale Publication Account

Financial Services will credit all for sale publication proceeds into a revolving account. Funds in the account will be used for the printing and reprinting of for sale publications, promotional brochures, and other direct costs associated with the publications.

Program Support

On certain high-demand publications, a portion of the proceeds may be credited to the program area for support of educational programs (travel, equipment, etc.). The amount to be returned will be determined on an individual basis by the appropriate associate director and the Associate Vice President for Agriculture - Extension.

Mailing Restrictions

Penalty mail may not be used for distribution of publications sold.