UACES Facebook C.E.S.P. 10-5: Ordering Publications
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System Management - Publications

C.E.S.P. 10-5: Ordering Publications

Date Revised: 7-1-2013
Supersedes:  8-29-2005

Summary: Establishes the procedure for ordering publications.

All Extension publications are maintained in the warehouse. and are available for order through the intranet. This is a more convenient way to order publications and supplies from the warehouse.

Listed under Publications/Supplies on, the Publications Ordering System and Supplies Order System streamlines the process of searching our publication and supply inventories and filling an order. The information is updated automatically and no longer requires the downloading of inventory counts or uploading order files.

Once you enter the Publications Ordering System, you will be presented with a searchable list of publications. 
Check Reorder Levels - lists publications that have reached their reorder point and need to be revised/reprinted (a very helpful tool for specialists).
Publications ( printer friendly P D F format) - a printable list of publications.

Once you enter the Supplies Order System, you can order one or more items from the warehouse.
View Order History - lists past supplies and publications ordered for your department.
Supply ( printer friendly P D F format) - a printable list of supplies.

Processing an order on the web:

• Go to

• Enter your Intranet I D and password.

• Click on Order Supplies to process a supply order or Order Publications to process an order for one or more publications.

• Select Item or Item Number in the Sort By: box.

• Type all or part of the name of the item you want in the Keywords: box (for example, enter batter to list all battery items in the supply order, enter water in box One:, cons in box Two: and click Two fields -AND- 1 and 2 in the Search: box to find water conservation publications in the publication order).

• Click Browse/Search.

• Enter the quantity wanted in the Amt box. The On Hand box tells you how many of the item are available.

• Click on the Process Order button at the bottom of the window.

• Click Finalize to send your order to the warehouse. The order will not be sent until this step is performed.

All new publications are announced in the weekly director's letter monthly. The listing includes the author, division, area, and subject for ease in finding the publication in the computerized program.

Certain publications are available on the web in two formats, H T M L and P D F. View images in either the H T M L / P D F  version by clicking on the needed format H T M L / P D F. View images in P D F by engaging acrobat reader. Web publications are listed in alphabetical order.