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Forest Management Support Tools for the Western Gulf Region

Decision Support Tools (DSTs) 

Managing woodlands can be a challenge for forest landowners and managers. For most people, the process begins with setting objectives that are based on the condition of existing woodlands, site capabilities, available resources, and other factors. Identifying property boundaries and mapping land use types on your property can be an essential step in the planning process. Ultimately, you will want to conduct an evaluation of your existing property and make management decisions that will assist in achieving desired goals for management.  

Below are links to forestry support tools for the Western Gulf Region and is a cooperative effort between the UA Division of Agriculture - Cooperative Extension Service and Texas A&M Forest Service. Support for the project has been from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture - Renewable Resources Extension Act  program funding.


AFRCTexas A&M Forest Service





Getting Started - Objectives 

Setting objectives and making a plan are a good place to begin with forest management. A few resources are available to help forest landowners through the initial steps.

Get Started