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Garland County, Arkansas

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Family & Consumer Sciences and Extension Homemakers Council

Six smiling EHC ladies standing in a row modeling their colorful sample aprons they made for a 4-H youth summer sewing camp.

Photo: Members of the Crazy Quilters Extension Homemakers modeling their sample aprons they made for a 4-H youth summer sewing camp

Garland County EHC Quarterly SCOOP

The Garland County Extension Service and Homemakers Council sends out a quarterly FCS newsletter known as the SCOOP.  The SCOOP includes relevant educational information and highlights activities and accomplishments by our Garland County Extension Homemakers council and clubs over the previous quarter. It also provides information on upcoming EHC meetings and events on both the county, district, and state level.

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Garland County DuPont Field Day at Meredith Farm

Photo: Garland County Field Day at Meredith Farm

Garland County Beef Producer Newsletter

Commercial agriculture is a vital part of Garland County.  To help meet the needs of county residents, the Garland County Extension Office sends out agriculture newsletters to address concerns and points of interest and to promote upcoming agriculture-related events. You can register to receive our quarterly newsletter for beef producers.

Garland County Master Gardener Program

Garland County Master Gardeners laying sod for Habitat for Humanity

Photo: Habitat for Humanity - Garland County Master Gardener project

Garland County Master Gardener Newsletter

The Master Gardener volunteer program sends out a monthly newsletter highlighting activities and accomplishments over the previous month and reminders of upcoming county, district, and state events and meetings.

Garland County 4-H Youth Program

Three girls sitting at a table with two volunteer ladies standing and showing them how to dip pretzels in melted chocolate.

Photo: Youth learning how to make chocolate covered pretzels for gifts at the 4-H Holiday Workshop sponsored by the Garland County EHC.

Garland County 4-H Clover Circular

Garland County 4-H'ers and volunteers keep up with all of our 4-H events and opportunities through our monthly 4-H Clover Circular. Through our county 4-H activities members and students are able to learn through hands-on learning experiences about real-life situations, animal husbandry, horticulture, healthy living, leadership, and STEM. 

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