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Can do? Using canned juice for homemade jelly. Header graphic with a photo of a cup of juice next to a jar of jelly

Can you use home-canned juice to make jelly?

JoAnn Vann

Each year before I start putting up garden produce, I go through the previous years canned and frozen goods to see what is left and come up with a utilization plan as I HATE to waste food.  Last year’s muscadines were prolific to say the least!  I still have 16 quarts of juice that need to be used before the one-year canning mark.  So what to do? 

Are there safety concerns when using home-canned juice to make jelly?

spoon with a blob of homeade jelly on it
Sometimes you can use color to determine food safety. But what about when you're making homemade jelly?

I knew that there was no safety concern in using the juice, but over the course of the year, the juice color has faded to a pinkish brown so I had doubts that jelly made from it would look appetizing.  Staring at so many jars, I decided to give it a whirl!  I elected to use powder pectin and followed the cooked grape jelly instructions included in the package.  Popping the lid off the first jar, I immediately noticed the sweet aroma of grapes. (what does this tell a person if they smelled something else?? So far so good, I thought. 

As the mixture hit the final rolling boil, doubt crept back into my mind as the foam created looked like a coffee with heavy cream- you know the light cocoa brown that is delicious in a foamy latte, but not so much as a jelly.  It was too late to stop now so I finished the batch and ladled it into pint jars hopeful, that the end product would be in some way useable. 

What's the verdict?

With the last teaspoon in the stockpot, I ventured a taste and was delighted by the full grape flavor homemade muscadine jelly is known for. Then the magic happened!  As the jelly cooled, a lovely purplish pink hue with nice clarity began to shine through.  A few hours later, I checked again and sure enough- the jelly was setting and the color was indeed attractive!  So, can you use home canned juice to make jelly?  Absolutely! 

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