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Issue 1: Making Permanent a 0.5% State Sales Tax That Currently Funds State, County and City Road Work


Election Results: Arkansas voters approved Issue 1. Find results on the Arkansas Secretary of State's website.




Know Before You Vote

On Election Day, you will see only the popular name and title of each proposal. Want to see the rest of it? Here's a link to the complete text of Issue 1

Watch our specialists explain Issue 1 in the video below.

What's Being Proposed?

This amendment asks voters to:

  • Approve a permanent dedicated 0.5% state sales tax
  • Use the revenue from this tax for maintaining, repairing and improving highways, roads and streets across the state
  • Divide the revenue under an existing formula of 70% going to the Arkansas Department of Transportation, 15% to county governments, and 15% to city governments for roads, bridges and "other surface transportation."

How Did Issue 1 Get On The Ballot?

Arkansas senators and representatives voted last year to put Issue 1 on the Nov. 3, 2020 ballot for voters to decide.

Who Is Supporting Or Opposing This Measure?

Supporters and opponents that spend money to campaign on this issue are required to register with the Arkansas Ethics Commission as a ballot or legislative question committee and file reports disclosing who has donated money and how the money was spent. 

These groups include:



Vote For Roads. Vote For Issue 1

Ethics Commission Filing


No Permanent Tax. No on Issue 1.

Ethics Commission Filing


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