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Leadership Training Resources

Are you a leader or member of an organization? Below are some resources that can help your organization become more effective.  

Zoom Meeting Etiquette for Participants

Virtual Communication Tools 

Communities, businesses, and organizations have increasingly turned to virtual communication to conduct operations. There are a variety of virtual engagement platforms to consider. Each option comes with its own set of best practices to maximize effectiveness. How can your community or organization  communicate virtually? Our handouts below offer methods and strategies to help address this question and more. 


True Colors Personality Assessment

True ColorsĀ® is a model for understanding yourself and others based on your personality temperament.

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Cover of Pocket Guide to Parliamentary Procedure Pub

Pocket Guide to Parliamentary Procedure

One of the most important tools for effective meetings is the knowledge and use of basic parliamentary procedure. 
Download the pocket guide



Cover of MP350, Simplified Guide to Parliamentary Procedure

Simplified Handbook of Parliamentary Procedure

This guide covers the basics of parliamentary procedure.  

Download simplified handbook



One dog telling a story to another dog

Effective Communication & Listening

Communication is a process of sending and receiving messages.  Each person has his/her own style of gathering, organizing and using the skills and knowledge that is presented to them.   

Discover how communication skills can help your team



People voting with dots as part of nominal group technique

Nominal Group Technique Simplified

This is a method of identifying problems, exploring solutions, and establishing priorities in small group settings.

Download nominal group technique guide



Additional Resources