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Parliamentary Procedure

Parliamentary procedure, also called rules of order, is the generally accepted rules, ethics, and customs used to govern meetings, and other operations of clubs, organizations, legislative bodies, and other deliberative assemblies.

Why Use Parliamentary Procedure?

Parliamentary procedure is designed to help leaders and members conduct meetings of high quality and efficiency and give them guidance in organizational structure and functions. Knowledge of parliamentary rules is helpful to participants on every level: 

  • members need to be aware of methods of good procedure and
  • leaders need to be knowledgeable in the use of proper techniques.

Good parliamentary procedure ensures justice to everyone, prescribes order, reflects kindness and generosity, provides constructive use of limited time and gives one a sense of self-confidence.

Parliamentary Procedure Resources

Parliamentary Procedure Name Tent Template

Print this name tent template on 8.5" X 11" paper or cardstock and provide meeting participants a quick guide to parliamentary procedures on one side and a space to fill in their name on the other. 

ABC's of Parliamentary Procedures Video Part 1

ABC's of Parliamentary Procedures Video Part 2


Parliamentary Procedure Fact Sheet

How to Run an Effective Meeting: Parliamentary Procedure Basics

This fact sheet provides the basic information on running an effective meeting using parliamentary procedure. 

Parliamentary Procedure Fact Sheet

Cover of MP475, Pocket Guide to Parliamentary Procedure

Pocket Guide to Parliamentary Procedure

One of the most important tools for effective meetings is the knowledge and use of basic parliamentary procedure.

Download the Pocket Guide
Cover of MP172, Procedural Guide for Arkansas County Quorum Court Meetings

Procedural Guide for Arkansas County Quorum Court Meetings

This guide covers the legislation and procedure guidelines for Quorum Court meetings.

Download the Procedural Guide