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LeadAR Study Tours

National Study Tour

In the first year, there is a national study tour to Washington D.C. Participants learn how policy is developed firsthand from the people that make it happen. Meeting with top-level government, agency, and community leaders provide a hands-on learning opportunity. The class members meet with their congressional delegation to discuss current issues and ways they can help solve them. 


International Study Tour

LeadAR Class 19 in Porto, Portugal.
LeadAR Class 19 explored Porto, Portugal while on their international study tour. 

LeadAR class members will have the opportunity to travel to a foreign land for approximately 11 days. The study tour offers a broad array of leaders ranging from ambassadors to farmers, government ministers, to corporate executives. Global issues and dynamics investigated first hand include politics, economics, trade, commerce, education, culture and agriculture.

Since the program began, LeadAR has visited 31 countries around the world. 

The selection of the foreign country for the International study tour is made by the LeadAR Advisory Council and approved by the UA Division of Agriculture —Associate Vice President - Extension Director. Travel locations are selected based on current events, learning opportunities, and in-country resources that will support the educational objectives and the safety of the participants.

The international study tour is a required aspect of the LeadAR program. This study tour opportunity is contingent on future funding.

Check out where our past class participants have toured.

Global map of countries visited by LeadAR classes

LeadAR International Study Tour Maps: Asia & Australia -- Europe -- North America -- South America