UACES Facebook Superglue with Sparkles: How to Build Better Teams
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Superglue with Sparkles: How to Build Better Teams

by Dr. Lynn Wilson - October 11, 2023

Superglue with Sparkles is the main ingredient to building more successful teams!

Sparkles and laughter are what AACES (Arkansas Association of Cooperative Extension Specialists) presenter, Vanessa Lewis, CPED program associate for professional development, brought to the first AACES Bean, Brains & Things (BBT) in-person meeting since 2019, with over forty attending.

Vanessa emphasized that the "ME" in "TEAMS" relates to how you as an individual makes a significant contribution to the team and thereby helps establish a solid foundation for you and your team.

Vanessa’s key ingredients for building a successful team:

364 cups constency. 24/7 teaspoons of smiles on face, a splash of creativity, hint of seriousness, fun and silliness, and 1000% respect for every single person and mix it up with a whole lot of grace

She realizes that there are 365 days in a year but gives herself at least one day’s grace – which she recommended for us. She suggested we create our own recipes.

Hiccups Will Occur

“Over time our foundations may crack, break, leak, or be compromised. Life shifts, ruptures, splits, and fractures can create pits, scars, and imperfections. How do we reconnect in a positive way,” Vanessa asked. “We BOND.”  Vanessa encouraged us to learn more about our colleagues and what interests them outside of work.

She stressed that all of us are role models, whether we realize it or not so we must take ownership of our actions.

Vanessa’s Superglue Sparkles for TEAM success:

  • recognize it’s an ONGOING process
  • INVEST in yourself and others
  • BUILD relationships-connect
  • be OPEN to discovering your internal Sparkling Superglue
  • have FUN
  • the best team is WE

AACES membership is open to all staff.  Members and nonmembers are welcome and encouraged to attend future Beans, Brains, and Things events.