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Reflecting on our March iLEAD Virtual Seminar

by Lisa Barnes, Administrative Specialist III, Crop, Soil, and Environmental Science Department - March 28, 2023

Lisa Barnes, member of iLEAD Cohort II, shares her notes from the March 2023 iLEAD virtual seminar.

Our March iLead meeting was virtual the Friday before spring break, with great information as usual. Dr. Julie Robinson, associate professor-leadership, started off with an icebreaker to get us talking about our favorite spring breaks. Some had great stories of their trips, and some had stories about their families. Most enjoyed resting, just like I was looking forward to the upcoming break.Photos of speakers from iLEAD virtual seminar 5

John Thomas, managing director Arkansas 4-H Foundation, was excited about informing us about the March 17th fundraising campaign for the 4-H program.

"Extension is a very philanthropic program with people that want to give and share," he said.

The state revenue offices offer 4-H license plates for an upcharge that contributes funds to kids' scholarships. 

"The tags look cool," Thomas said.

An annual event sponsored by the 4-H Center is the Dinner at the Vines which raises money for the 4-H Center. The program raised $50,000 last year.

Shannon Caldwell, 4-H Center program director, spoke to us about donating to the 4-H program and how important it is to her family because they invest to provide scholarships.

Several professional associations contribute to the scholarship funds as well. The program is geared toward children in poverty. The agents handle the scholarships on the county level. A board coordinates the scholarship opportunities.

Creenna Bocksnick, Arkansas 4-H camping coordinator, works to facilitate day camps, state summer camps, and two state Clover Buds camp sessions. There is the junior camp where participants can do rock climbing, archery, and canoeing, and an artesian camp. These are excellent opportunities for the youth to have a great time.

Dr. Hunter Goodman, assistant professor-community and economic development, presented on managing and leading through change and differentiating between management and leadership. She quoted Robert Greenleaf, "The best test as a leader is: Do those served grow as persons; do they become healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous, more likely themselves to become leaders?”

She discussed the meaning of change. She said, to ponder on change in oneself and accept the challenge to become the leader you desire and need requires self-reflection, understanding the situation, and listening.

These are the points that she referenced about lessons of leadership:

  • Use every avenue for partnership and compromise before using executive power.
  • As the leader, you bear full responsibility for a pivotal decision.
  • Know the emotional needs of your team members and meet them where they are.
  • Set standards of mutual respect.
  • Protect others from blame and control negativity.
  • Maintain perspective.
  • Cope and maintain balance.
  • Keep your word in the face of challenge.

She finished by talking about transactional and transformational leadership and the difference between the two. She said both have their place, but transactional is more about self, whereas transformational would inspire others to be something bigger than themselves.

Robinson wrapped up the session by covering the information and results from our TKI Conflict Management assignment. I was shocked by my results. We had a great meeting.

The iLEAD program enhances interpersonal skills through virtual and in-person sessions, providing participants with knowledge, skills, and opportunities for growth. For more information about the iLEAD program contact Dr. Julie Robinson, or Lisa Davis,