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Arkansas Voters Reject All Four Ballot Issues

by Kristin Higgins - November 9, 2022

For the first time since 1960, Arkansas voters rejected all statewide ballot issues on their ballots when they went to vote Nov. 8, 2022.

Arkansans rejected marijuana, becoming one of three states to reject ballot issues that would have legalized the growing and selling of marijuana for non-medical purposes. Maryland and Missouri voters did pass their marijuana measures.

Voters here also rejected the Arkansas Religious Freedom Amendment by less than 1 percent. The proposed amendment from the legislature would have added language to the state constitution to prohibit government from burdening people's religious freedom unless there was a compelling reason to do so and the government acted in the least restrictive way.

Nor will state legislators have the same authority as the governor to call lawmakers into a special session. Arkansans rejected that issue as well as a proposal to require 60% voter approval of future constitutional amendments and citizen-initiated state laws.

We review how Issues 1, 2, 3, and 4 faired across the state and what voter turnout looked like Nov. 8, 2022.

Find complete, unofficial results at the Secretary of State's website. Note: our maps are based on Associated Press data reported by the New York Times.

Find historical data for Arkansas ballot issues





FOR: 331,747
AGAINST: 517,387

Counties where Issue 1 passed: Crittenden, Lee, Phillips


Issue 2 map
FOR: 349,702
AGAINST: 506,392
Counties where Issue 2 passed: Baxter, Crittenden, Cross, Lafayette, Marion, Miller, Mississippi

Issue 3 Map




FOR: 428,576
AGAINST: 436,240

Counties where Issue 3 passed: This issue passed in more than one-third of the counties. 

Issue 4 Map




FOR: 388,574
AGAINST: 499,843

Counties where Issue 4 passed: Chicot, Crittenden, Jefferson, Mississippi, Pulaski, Washington

Data is based on 73 of Arkansas' 75 counties reporting.