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June 2006

QuestionWe built a new 15x15 pond this spring and the water has turned orange. Is there anybody in my area of Mountain Home that could help me with this? The fish seem to be OK and the ph and stuff is in the normal range. It just looks funny, kind of like orange kool-aid. The water is clear. Help!

 AnswerI would suggest you get the water tested. Do you have a lot of iron in your water in Mt. Home--are you filling the pond with city water or well water? I have not heard of orange water--usually it is green or brown. You can pay a slight fee for water testing through your local extension office and they will give you results and ideas on how to correct it. Start there. While Arkansas Extension doesn't have an official water gardening specialist, we do have several who are involved with water quality and fisheries--who deal with water gardens. Get with your county agent and see what they can find out for you. Good luck.