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November 28, 2015


I have a small backyard garden and plant broccoli and cabbage every spring and fall. I have done this for many years, but this past spring only a few plants headed.  This fall, they are big and beautiful plants --- but no heads. What am I doing wrong or what is happening?


Do you have plenty of sunlight? At least 6-8 hours is needed to get them to head or set fruit.  This spring we had an unusually cool spring, so plants were late getting started and then it got hot and many bolted or set seeds before the heads got large, but they did try to head.  Cabbage takes longer to produce a large head than broccoli. I got a mislabeled plant this fall and have all cabbage instead of the broccoli they were supposed to be, but they are beginning to form heads now.  Be patient and protect them if it gets well below 30 degrees, and they can continue to grow this winter. If you have deciduous trees, the leaves will fall completely soon and give your plants a bit more sunlight.


September 2012

QuestionI need to know when to plant my turnip and collard greens for fall?


AnswerNow is a great time to plant fall vegetables. We have finally gotten some good rain, and our gardens should take off and give us a wonderful fall harvest. While we grow turnips and collards by seed, vegetable transplants for broccoli, cabbage and other cool season vegetables have arrived at garden centers.