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November 2014

QuestionI have cut back old flowers of a potted gift mum. Is it too late to plant it here in Bentonville? If so, what do I do with it? It has tag reading hardy garden mum-bronze.


Answer Most garden mums, both potted and planted have been frozen back.  While chrysanthemums are considered perennials, I usually treat them as annuals, buying new plants each season.  If you want to plant, go ahead and do so, watering and mulching after planting.  They should survive the winter, and begin to grow again in the spring.  Then frequent pruning to keep them from getting leggy is advised until mid-July.  Then you can allow them to grow and set flower buds for the following fall.   Even though it is frigidly cold outside, hardy trees, shrubs and perennials can still be planted now if you are hearty enough to brave the cold!

 August 2012

QuestionAbout the mums…..we have a bed of them and have cut them back twice and now they are flowering again. Is this a good time to cut them back or just to cut off the blooms? We also want them to bloom again in the fall.


AnswerMany of our plants are confused. It is too late to really cut back mums, but deadheading (cutting of the spent blooms) can encourage them to set more flowers for this fall

July 2010

QuestionI have been told that I should be pruning my mums. What advice can you give concerning mums? What will happen to the blooms if I don’t prune them?


AnswerMums should be pinched and or pruned weekly from spring until mid July. This provides a full, bushy plant by bloom time this fall. If they are not pinched, they tend to be tall and ungainly when in bloom and often have little foliage at the base. They usually are top-heavy as well, falling over under the weight of the blooms. There are a few varieties that don't get tall, and are more free branching on their own, but they are not the common varieties we see in home gardens. How do they look now? Don't do any pruning after mid July or you will impact the bloom time this fall.


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