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Master Gardener Multi-Flower Design

There's a reason why we call them Master Gardeners! Refer to the list below to learn more about each plant, and with a little hard work you too can become the master of your garden!

state office multi-flower pot


Yellow Canna

1 -Yellow Canna

Canna x generalis, 2-4' tall.  Long bloom season and attractive to hummingbirds.

Violet Vinca

2 -Cora ® Cascade ™ Violet Vinca

Violet and Polka Dot Vincas, Catharanthus roseus 

6”-8” tall by 22”-25” wide.  Long-blooming annual spiller attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.

Polka Dot Vinca

3- Cora ® Cascade ™ Polka Dot Vinca


Autumn Fern

4- Autumn Fern

Dryopteris erythrosora, 18”-24” tall by 18” wide.  Foliage lasts through the winter.

Black and Blue Sativa

5- 'Black and Blue' Salvia

Salvia guaranitica ’Black and Blue,’ 3’-4’ tall, attractive to hummingbirds.  Blooms from July until frost.

Deep Pink Lucky Star Penta

6- Deep Pink Lucky Star ® Pentas

Deep Pink and Lucky Star White Pentas, Pentas lanceolata

Lucky Star (R) White and Deep Pink, 12”-16” tall by as wide.  Also known as Egyptian Starcluster, long-blooming and attractive to pollinators.

white lucky star penta

7- White Lucky Star ® Pentas


Orange Marmalade

8- 'Orange Marmalade' Crossandra

Crossandra or Firecracker Flower, Crossandra infundibuliformis ’Orange Marmalade,’ 16”-20” tall by 12” wide and attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds.

Salsa Verde Flamethrower Coleus

9- 'Salsa Verde' FlameThrower ™ Coleus

Coleus scutellarioides, 12”-18” tall by 16”-18” wide.  Colorful foliage plant.

Supertunia Mini Vista White Petunia

10- Supertunia Mini Vista ® White Petunia

Petunia hybrid, 6”-12” tall by 18”-24” wide, attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds.

Easy Wave Violet Petunia

11- Easy Wave ® Violet Petunia

Petunia x hybrid, 6”-12” tall by 30”-40” wide.  Long-blooming and attractive to hummingbirds.

Creeping Jenny

12- Creeping Jenny

Lysimachia nummularia, 2”-4” tall by 18” wide.  Colorful foliage lasts through the winter.



 Cinnamon Girl Distylium

Cinnamon Girl® Distylium

The shrubs in the ground behind the containers are called Cinnamon Girl® Distylium.  This is a new shrub adaptable to different sunlight and water conditions.  It has small red flowers along the end of the stems in the winter, but it is mainly a foliage plant.  The leaves are small and emerge plum-purple turning blue-green as they mature.  The plant is evergreen and stays a compact size:  2-3 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide.