UACES Facebook Poultry Auction Revenue Instructions
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Information for Raffles

UADA Cooperative Extension Service maintains a charitable raffle license with the State of Arkansas.  The Request to Conduct Raffle form is required for each raffle held in your county.  This form must be completed and submitted to the Chief Operating Officer at least 10 business days prior to the start of the raffle.

Download the Request to Conduct Raffle form (Word file).

Annual Raffle Reporting

Raffles held May 1 through April 30 of each year must be reported on the Annual Raffle Report by May 15.  Counties are to include all raffles held during that time frame on one report.  

Submit the completed Annual Raffle Report along with a copy of each Request to Conduct Raffle to the Office of the Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration no later than May 15.  

Download the Annual Raffle Report (Excel file).

Contact Jan Sampson 501-671-2210 for assistance.


Poultry Auction Revenue 

The handling of poultry auction revenue has long been confusing to counties. The goal of this form (link below) is to provide clarity around the reporting of poultry auction revenue, without being an administrative burden to counties. The first tab is the form to be completed. The second and third tabs include related instructions.

Poultry Auction Revenue Form & Instructions