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Protect Pipes and Conserve Water

by Laura Hendrix - January 19, 2024

During freezing temperatures, we leave faucets dripping to avoid freezing pipes and the plumbing bills that come with repairs. However, dripping facets can increase your water bill and may even lead to local water shortages. There are ways you can conserve water while still avoiding freezing pipes.

According to the National Weather Service, here’s what you need to do to protect pipes. Set faucets to trickle when temperatures are below freezing. Open cabinet doors for heat to reach pipes under the sink. Keep your thermostat at 55 degrees and above.  Keep an eye on the weather and turn off faucets when temperatures are above freezing.

While dripping faucets, focus effort on taking steps to conserve water in other ways. In the kitchen and bathrooms, turn off water between tasks instead of letting it run. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. Take a short shower instead of a longer shower or bath. Run the dishwasher and washing machine only when full – avoid washing partial loads.


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