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Happy Couples Talk about Money

by Laura Hendrix - July 11, 2017

Couples who talk about money at least once per week are more likely than others to describe their relationship as “extremely happy”, according to the TD Bank’s Love & Money survey just released.

Talking to your spouse about money may be a way to improve your relationship. Money can be a stressful topic. Couples who work at being on the same page financially are increasing their chances not only for financial success but also for relationship success.

Be intentional about having conversations with your partner. This could be planning a weekly time to review spending, look over statements, and talk about financial news. However – it’s critical that this be a conversation and not a blame session. Follow these steps recommended by Assistant Professor, Family and Consumer Economics - Dr. Laura Connerly:

  1. Choose a time and place. Being relaxed and without interruptions will allow each of you to express your thoughts and more readily listen to what your partner has to say.
  2. . Each partner should be allowed time to express their thoughts and feelings.
  3. Listen without interruption or judgment. Remember, you are on the same team.
  4. Respond with compassion and respect. Do not abuse that trust by using what the person shared to hurt them. Compassion is a key to positive financial discussions in marriage.

Read more about the survey at

Whether a newlyweds or a long-established couple, the Financial Smart Start for Newlyweds fact sheet series can help you find ways to eliminate money stress. The fact sheets are available at: