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Summer Jobs for Students

by Laura Hendrix - July 11, 2017

Types of Job – Think about your child’s age, interests, and the hours they would be available to work. Does your child like to be outdoors and need a flexible work schedule? Mowing lawns for the neighbors might be a perfect fit. Is she a pizza fanatic? Maybe a local pizza place is hiring. Is your child an animal lover? Maybe he could pet sit for families while they are on vacation. A musician? Maybe she could give piano or guitar lessons. Food service, retail businesses, summer camps, and parks hire young people for a variety of tasks.

Child Labor Laws – In most cases, a child must be at least fourteen to be employed in the workforce. In order to employ a child under 16, the employer must obtain a work permit from the Arkansas Department of Labor. There are limits on the hours and types of work minors can perform. See details at

Job Search Skills –Be neat with your appearance even if you’re just stopping in to pick up a job application. Be neat when completing job applications. Use legible handwriting. Check your spelling. Use accurate information. Ask people before listing them as references. Tell friends and acquaintances that you’re looking for a job. Post it on your Facebook page. Organizations in some towns have youth employment programs. Check with local non-profits and youth programs.

Financial Goals – This is the perfect opportunity to discuss money management. Guide your child in setting financial goals for the income they will earn. The basic guideline is spend/save/share. Spend no more than 80% of your income. Set aside 10% for charitable giving or gifts. Save at least 10%. Always remember that it’s okay to save more. In fact, saving may be the biggest budget category. Often, teens are saving for a big ticket item like college or a car. They may even want to invest part of their income. Investing at an early age allows plenty of time for money to grow (learn about investing at Help teens think about making the most of the money they earn

Volunteer Opportunities – Volunteering is another option. It can be a great way to learn about a career field. Volunteer work looks great on a resume or college application and can help your child get a job in the future. As an added bonus, volunteering contributes to personal growth and increases feelings of well-being. Laura Hendrix, Ph.D. Assistant Professor – Family and Consumer Economics