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Money & Love-- Setting Financial Goals

by Laura Hendrix - June 29, 2017

You and your partner envision a beautiful future together your dream home, romantic vacation, sending your children to college, traveling together during retirement
years,... Learning to plan and set financial goals can make those dreams come true. Set aside time to day dream about your future together. Identify important goals.
Decide on a strategy for success by setting SMART Goals.
SMART goals are SpecificMeasurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.
Develop a written goal and a financial plan for how to get there. Sit down together with
a pencil, paper, and a calculator. Use the SMART goal plan:
Specific: Include as many details as possible.
Measureable: Estimate dollar amounts needed. If it’s a long-term goal, you may need to add 3.5% per year to the purchase price.
Attainable: Do you have the capacity to meet this goal?
Relevant: Is this something that aligns with your values? Are you both in agreement about working toward this goal? Will it enhance your life together?
Time-bound: When would you like to achieve this goal? Determine how long you will need to save and the weekly or monthly amount.
Download the free financial goals worksheet at: