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5 Things Pregnant Moms Would Rather You Keep to Yourself

by Ashley Foster - July 11, 2019

Being pregnant is an amazing time. However,sometimes friends, family, and strangers can make insensitive comments. That can be not-so-amazing for mom. Here are some of those often well-intentioned comments, that some moms would rather do without.

1."YOU'RE SO BIG." Commenting on someone’s weight—even when she's pregnant—is problematic. You don’t know  how someone will respond to hearing that they’re losing or gaining weight. For instance, while a mother knows that getting bigger is better for the baby, comments like this can make mom start to worry about not losing the weight after  giving  birth. A better comment is, “Wow, you look wonderful.” No one minds that. 2."YOU'RE SO SMALL."According to , there’s really no winning when you comment on someone’s size. So maybe just don’t do it. This comment—while probably meant as a compliment—can be received in a lot of different ways. For some, it might sound as though they’re doing something wrong, or that their pregnancy isn’t normal. The fact is, everyone carries their pregnancy differently. And no matter how they’re carrying, it’s still not okay to comment on someone’s weight or size. 3."ARE YOU HAVING TWINS?"This goes right back in that category of commenting on someone’s size. Saying this is the same as saying, “You’re so big.” With today’s technology, women and their doctors can be absolutely sure they are or are not pregnant with twins. This might seem like a funny, harmless comment, but we’re kindly suggesting that you skip it. 4."DON'T YOU HAVE ENOUGH CHILDREN?This is never a polite comment, but especially not when it implies that someone is doing something wrong when it comes to family planning, getting pregnant, having children, etc.  5. "* TOUCHES BELLY *OK, so technically this is not a verbal comment , but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a pregnant woman who hasn’t been through this one. . Being pregnant isn’t a green light to touch. Some moms don't mind but it's always good to ask first. Give mom an opportunity to say "yes" or "no".IF YOU KNOW A WOMAN IS EXPECTING , ASK ABOUT HER OR CELEBRATE THE BABY. BE TENDER AND SAY THINGS LIKE:How are you feeling?Most expecting moms want to be treated normally. It can make a pregnancy seem very long to be asked about it constantly, so feel free to talk about everyday stuff too.