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Navigating Life's Journey Blog

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Do You Feel Annoyed?

by Ashley Foster - March 28, 2019

We have all experienced being annoyed by someone. For some, it seems like it happens more frequently compared to others. We get aggravated when certain people act a certain way or say specific things. If we get annoyed frequently it can ruin our mood and our day. It's important to note  that just because  someone is annoying us does not mean that they should be labeled as an annoying person. So what is the best way to deal with people who annoy us? 1. Look for the Good in that person.This may seem counter intuitive, but it works. Think about a time when they did something nice for you or made you laugh. Doing so, changes our mood. With practice, we get better at seeing the good in someone and diffuse our irritation.2. See the larger pictureOften when we get annoyed with someone, we fail to look at the larger picture. We focus on something that is trivial and won't matter in the long run. If we stop, become mindful and realize that, in reality, it's not a big deal, we gain a larger perspective and prevent ourselves from getting upset. 3. Have empathy.Often times, when someone is rude to us, it is because they are having a bad day, insecure, sad, or angry. All of us experience those feelings at some point. When we feel annoyed, a great way to reduce that is to feel empathy for that person. Remember a time when you felt the same way. Wish them well in your mind and be kind.It may seem like these strategies  are passive and docile, but they can really work in our favor. Can you imagine being able to avoid being annoyed by others?