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Living Well with Diabetes

Original Content: Heather Jackson, Pike County | Adapted for blog: Katie Cullum, White County

Living Well with Diabetes is a series of class for people with diabetes and their families. Learn helpful tip and methods for Living Well with Diabetes.

vegetables and glucose monitor
vegetables and glucose monitor

Diabetes is a chronic disease with serious consequences.  Two out of three people with diabetes die from heart disease or stroke.  Medical costs are 2.3 times higher for people with diabetes. But the good news is these issues can be delayed or prevented by getting your blood glucose and blood pressure under control.  Learn how with these sessions!

Session 1 – Diabetes Overview covers clinical aspects of keeping diabetes in control including types of tests, target test values, and the importance of these clinical tests to control blood sugar.

Diabetes Overview Handout

Know & Follow Your Signals Handout

A1C Testing Handout

Blood Sugar Log Handout

Session 2 – Preventing Diabetes Complications covers common complications of diabetes and ways to manage blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol and other lifestyle factors to prevent complications.

Dietary Fiber & Diabetes Handout

Fats - the Good, the Bad, and the Healthy Handout

Know & Follow Your Signals Handout

Reducing Risks Handout

Salt Substitutes Handout

Salt, Sodium, and Potassium Handout

DASH Diet Handout

Session 3 – Nutrition Management of Diabetes covers the types of foods that contain carbohydrates; how to utilize food lists and food labels to identify the amount of carbohydrate in various foods; and sugar substitutes and how they can be used in food preparation.

Sweetening Without Sugar Handout

Managing Carbohydrates with Food Lists Handout

Nutrition Label Reading Activity

Session 4 – Planning Healthy Meals with the Diabetes Place covers handy tools to plan balanced meals and control portion sizes. 

Carbohydrates and Carbohydrate Counting Handout

Planning Meals with Diabetes Plate Handout

Meal Planning Worksheet 

Eating Healthy with Diabetes Handout

Recipes Handout

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