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Veggie astro consumption


Veggie video


Home grown…first crop of lettuce


First crop of lettuce --- still --- Swanny harvest


Salad Selfie


Second crop of lettuce in Veggie


Still of Kjell and Scott enjoying their home grown space lettuce.


Favorite payload on @Space_station is Veggie! Fun watching these grow.

Almost sad to eat them tomorrow. Almost.


Great harvest! Lettuce on cheeseburger last night.

Tortilla, rehydrated beef patty, cheese spread. Thanks #science!


Difficulties with water in space…


Wringing out a washcloth…in space --- Commander Hadfield 


Don Petit and his zero G coffee cup  


1g vs microg boiling fluids


Physics Central – Science off the Sphere series

Fun with Antibubbles 


Dancing droplets