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Future Ag Leaders Tour

May 16 - 20, 2022

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What's the purpose of the tour?

A five-day professional development opportunity for undergraduate juniors and seniors enrolled in Colleges of Agriculture, or are pursuing agriculture related majors across the state of Arkansas. Agriculture and agriculture related professions are the number one employer in the state. This one-week experience will enhance students’ leadership and employability skills, provide firsthand networking opportunities with potential employers, and highlight the vast resources, services, and careers available through Arkansas’ agriculture industry.


  • Increase participant’s employability in agricultural careers
  • Acquaint participants with the vast resources, market segments, and services available through Arkansas’ number one industry
  • Provide participants with a “bird’s eye view” of current employment opportunities in the Arkansas agriculture industry
  • Increase student’s options and opportunities by networking with future employers

Support: Coordination will be provided by the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture project team, led by the Program and Staff Development Department. Monetary support for this project will be provided by industry support and the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture.


Dr. Julie Robinson
Associate Professor, Community, Professional, and Economic Development  
Call or Text: 501-733-3101