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Experience Arkansas agriculture - gelato and strawberries

Experience Arkansas Agriculture

Experience Arkansas Agriculture is promotional campaign that connects consumers with opportunities to experience the many sides of Arkansas agriculture. Those experiences range from learning about the unique farming families; understanding the wonderful harvest offered by our farms and ranches; tasting the unique flavor profiles of farm-fresh products; and adventuring out to engage in exciting hands-on immersions across the state. By raising consumer awareness, the campaign seeks to enhance opportunities to grow business activities, explore locally grown food items, and enjoy Arkansas agriculture. Ultimately, the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture and its partners seek to create win-win opportunities to grow rural entrepreneurship and local food 

Experience Arkansas agriculture by

  • Learning about over 1500 direct to consumer marketing farmers and ranchers
  • Shopping from diverse options of 110 farmers markets operating across 60 counties
  • Visiting U-pick operations offering fresh, vine-ripened produce in an array of unique tasting and harvesting experiences
  • Patronizing local restaurants and food businesses that source locally produced item


How will you experience Arkansas Agriculture?

Experiencing Arkansas Agriculture is exciting, fun, and easier than you might think!

Shop a farmers market

Did you know that there are 110 farmers markets in Arkansas?  That's right, 60 counties have markets with a range of locally grown goods and value-added products featuring locally produced commodities. Download the Arkansas Grown® produce calendar below.

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Use our market finder, Marketmaker, to locate the one nearest you and plan a visit today!

Visit agritourism destinations

Arkansas has many unique family farms, u-pick operations and even special event venues that allow you to experience agriculture in a variety of ways. A YOU-Pick (U-Pick) or pick-your-own operation is a farm where customers may go out to pick, cut or choose your own product directly out of the field.  This type of enterprise is most popular with berry, pumpkin, tree fruit, and Christmas tree farms. The focus is on customers experiencing the harvest.

Buy locally grown foods

Whether you are shopping for fine meats or fresh produce, look for Arkansas grown items in your local stores. Arkansas farmers and ranchers produce a variety of items year-round.  The Arkansas Agriculture Department promotes local brands—Arkansas Grown and Arkansas Made—to allow consumers to easily identify locally produced products.  Many farms also develop their own brand highlighting their farm history and production practices.

Dine with restaurants using Arkansas grown ingredients

Many restaurants throughout the state use locally grown ingredients, some even feature Arkansas Grown menu items. These venues often highlight those  “local experiences” on their menus or within their restaurants/websites.

Share your ag experiences on social media

It's okay to brag every now and then! Whether you're watching Arkansas-bred horses at Oaklawn, enjoying tastings along the AR wine trail, or visiting a u-pick farm, share it with us on social media. Don't forget the hashtag #aragex.

Join us as we visit farms, markets, and agritourism destinations across the state. Guided by our friend Logan Duvall from Me and McGee Market, we will share our experiences with you! Along the way, we'll learn about Arkansas farms, fill our buckets at some of the awesome U-Picks, and discover recipes featuring Arkansas-grown ingredients.

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