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Rabbits in Arkansas

Rabbits were domesticated from the Wild European rabbit centuries ago and were used for meat by early civilizations. The rabbit is commercially raised for meat, wool, fur, and laboratory use.

Below is a list of where you can learn more about regional rabbit breeder associations:

Many individuals raise rabbits for meat, hair, and hides as small alternative livestock production. Individuals also keep rabbits as pets, or exhibition, or as a hobby. There are many rabbit breed clubs and pet rabbit groups  in addition to the large American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). On the ARBA website you can view a list of recognized breeds.

The rabbit is an excellent small livestock project for 4H. Arkansas county agents and extension specialists are available to provide information regarding the husbandry, care, and diseases of rabbits. Some clubs are replacing traditional shows with virtual ones including showmanship where youth video themselves completing the requirements. Read more about ARBA showmanship.

Californian meat rabbit

Basic rabbit facts and guides

Rabbits were domesticated centuries ago and were used by ancient civilizations as a meat source. In the Middle Ages many breeds were developed through selective breeding. Today many of our Arkansas 4-H youth choose to raise rabbits for their projects. Below is a helpful guide.

National 4-H rabbit curriculum