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System Management - General

C.E.S.P. 3-22: Communications

Date Revised: 4-23-2001
Supersedes: 8-11-1999

Summary: Establishes a policy for communications within the organization.

It is important to keep individuals within the organization informed concerning programs and policy or procedure changes.

Written Correspondence (Transmitted through the mail or placed on the Intranet)

When writing groups of Extension faculty or staff members, the following salutations should be used. Written correspondence should be kept to a minimum and only used when electronic transmission is not appropriate.

• To County Extension Agents - Staff Chair

• To County Extension Agents - Agriculture

• To County Extension Agents - Family and Consumer Science

• To Area Agriculture Specialists

• To All County Extension Agents (Includes all in items 1-3.)

• To Cooperative Extension Agricultural Specialists (Includes all agricultural specialists with 50% or more assignment to Cooperative Extension Service statewide.)

• To Family, Youth and 4-H Specialists

• To All Extension Faculty (Includes all state, county and area professional faculty.)

• To All Extension Personnel (Includes all individuals employed by Cooperative Extension Service.)

Electronic Correspondence

• Electronic distribution lists are set up on the network in Groupwise to facilitate quick and easy communication within the organization through E-mail. Contact the computer department for assistance in establishing specialized lists.

• The Intranet can be used for most of the direct correspondence to employees within the organization. Information to be put on the Intranet should be sent in electronic format to the computer department.

• It is suggested that copies of all correspondence written or sent electronically to individual employees (except those of a confidential nature) be sent to their immediate supervisor and other appropriate individuals who are involved in the subject of the correspondence. This procedure is intended solely for the purpose of facilitating communications within the organization and keeping the various levels within the organization informed.