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Summary: Establishes a system for issuing policy statements and prescribes its methods of operation.


The policy statement system was established as a part of the Extension Guide effective January 1, 1975. Each office was supplied with one set of the Guide. As additions or revisions were issued, appropriate changes to the guide were made by individual departments or counties from the revisions received through distribution.

Beginning January, 1999, the Policy Guide was expanded to become a Policy and Procedure Guide and converted to an electronic format. The Policy and Procedure Guide will reside on the Extension website. All Extension employees will have access to the guide. All revisions to the guide will be made online and no printed copies will be distributed. Employees with questions concerning policy or procedures within the organization should always check the electronic version. It will be the official record.

A historical copy of the guide with dated copies of all revisions or changes will be maintained by the Senior Associate Vice President's office of the Cooperative Extension Service.


The office of the Senior Associate Vice President for Agriculture - Extension will be responsible for correcting and updating the policy manual.  Designated departmental supervisors and individuals will be appointed to be responsible for periodic review and recommendations for policy change.  Recommended changes should be made on a printed copy of the policy web page being revised.  All recommendations will go to the Senior Associate Vice President for Agriculture for approval prior to being posted.   Written copies of all changes should be filed in the policy guide archive file.

Updated: August 4, 2020