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Preventing Stormwater Pollution: Materials Storage and Spill Cleanup

 Employees can help reduce waste and water  pollution by making sure that materials are:

  • NOT spilled or washed into storm drain systems
  • stored and handled safely
  • cleaned up properly

containers stored properly

Store and Handle Materials Safely

  • Read and follow label or MSDS instructions and local procedures.
  • Store materials in original containers or clearly label replacement containers.
  • Keep containers closed or sealed except when in use. 
  • Maintain all containers and replace those that  leak.
  • Inspect all containers regularly.

Best - indoors in sealed containers.
Good - outdoors in sealed containers, within a covered paved area.
Acceptable - outdoors in sealed containers, on an uncovered, paved area.


containers on spill containment base

Spill Trapping Device Recommendations

  • Indoors - store barrels on a spill containment base.
  • Outdoors - storage areas should be bordered by a curb or berm to contain spills.
  • Store materials away from high-traffic areas to prevent accidents that might cause spills or cause spilled material to be spread.


worker peoperly disposing of vehicle fluids

Liquid Spills

  • Follow cleanup instructions specified on the MSDS and local procedures. 
  • Containing spills:
    • Use a drip pan or an absorbent to collect spills.
    • Use drain mats to cover storm drain inlets.
  • Locate the source of the spill and take steps to stop further spillage.
  • DO NOT hose the spill into a storm drain.
  • Immediately clean up spills using absorbent materials and follow proper disposal procedures.
  • Report large spills or spills of hazardous materials to your supervisor or environmental department personnel.


Worker cleaning dry spill with broom

Dry Material Spills

  • Cover a powder spill with plastic sheeting to keep it from spreading until the spill can be cleaned up.
  • DO NOT hose the spill into a storm drain.
  • If usable, place spilled material in original or properly marked container.
  • Follow procedures for disposal of spilled material that cannot be used.