UACES Facebook Fleet Maintenance Preventing Stormwater Pollution
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Preventing Stormwater Pollution: What We Can Do -
Fleet Maintenance

Protecting water quality requires that all employees do their part to prevent storm water pollution.


worker fueling up bulldozer

Tips for Fueling

  • Clean fueling areas often using approved methods.
  • DO NOT top off fuel tank.
  • Know location of emergency pump shut- off button.


large trucks underneath cover

General Guidelines

  • Maintain vehicles and equipment in designated areas.
  • Park damaged, leaking, or dirty vehicles under cover.
  • Keep maintenance areas clean by promptly disposing of waste.


worker peoperly disposing of vehicle fluids

Disposal Methods

  • Recycle or properly dispose of all used fluids, hydraulic filters, and batteries.
  • Store all used fluids in properly labeled containers.


Worker cleaning parts

Parts Cleaning

  • Clean parts using designated cleaning stations.
  • Allow parts to fully drain before removing from cleaning station.


employee cleaning up leak from construction equipment

Leaks and Spills

  • Inspect for leaks or stains around vehicles and equipment.
  • Immediately clean up spills.


worker hosing down outside work areas with a big red stop sign placed on top

Shop and Pavement Cleaning

  • DO NOT hose down outside work areas.
  • use dry methods to clean work area.
  • Dispose of mop water properly.
  • Clean outside work areas when rain is forecast.


employee cleaning up leak from construction equipment


  • Wash equipment and vehicles in designated facilities.