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Continuing Forestry Education for Registered Foresters

Forestry Continuing Education

AFRC Continuing Forestry Education Program
  • 1969: State Law enacted that requires anyone calling themselves a forester must be registered with the State Board
  • 1977: The Arkansas Board of Registration for Foresters was created. 
  • 1997: The law changed significantly. Continuing Education Hours and an Exam were required.
  • 1997: A continuing education program was created through the Arkansas Forest Resources Center in recognition of the educational and training needs of natural resource professionals in the State. 
  • 2008: The number of continuing education hours is increased to 8 with one of those hours being ethics

The Arkansas Board of Registration for Foresters

To protect private forest landowners, the Arkansas Board of Registration for Foresters licenses and registers foresters who are qualified, experienced, and maintain their continuing education. Arkansas currently requires a licensed forester to attend eight hours of qualifying continuing forestry education (CFE) each year. At least one of theses hours must deal with forest ethics.

The Board works with the SAF, UA Division of Agriculture,  to design, deliver, facilitate, and administer educational events throughout the State to meet the CFE requirements of Arkansas and neighboring State foresters.

Registered Forester Workshops

All-in-One Opportunities

There are currently two, full-day registered forester workshops offered each year that will fulfill all eight Continuing Forestry Education (CFE) hours - including ethics - required to maintain registration.

In early May the Arkansas Board of Registration for Foresters and the Arkansas Division of the Ouachita Society of American Foresters partner to offer a day long workshop in central Arkansas.

In early June Cooperative Extension agents with the University of Arkansas' Division of Agriculture from Clark, Nevada, Pike and Calhoun counties and the Arkansas Forest Resources Center partner to put on a day long workshop for foresters in southwest Arkansas. 

Special Topics Courses

Forestry Ethics

November 16th, 2022 forestry ethics meeting registration: Click here to register for forestry ethics

Forestry Ethics Presentation by Dr. Vic Ford

As mentioned, Arkansas registered foresters are required to obtain 1 CFE unit in forestry ethics each year as part of their continuing education requirements. The Arkansas Forest Resources Center offers at least one virtual forestry ethics meeting. The meeting is designed to generate discussion among foresters regarding ethical guidelines for the profession. The meeting(s) takes place annually in November/December. 

Additionally, forestry ethics is included in the all-in-one meetings in central and southwest Arkansas each year. Forestry ethics is often offered at other special topics trainings by AFRC and other groups. Furthermore, a couple of other universities across the south offer online forestry ethics courses also. 

The code of ethics for Arkansas registered foresters can be found at:

Arkansas Registered Forester COE

Hardwood Management

The AFRC offers recurring hardwood management trainings for bottomland and upland hardwood regions. New offerings are being planned for 2023. 

Forest Vegetation Management

The AFRC works to provide science-based herbicide prescription information to assist forest managers in making informed decisions in silvicultural scenarios. The AFRC plans a forest herbicide training on a biennial basis. 

Visit the Herbaceous Forest Vegetation Management (Forestry Webinars): 


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