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Extension Educational Programs & Services
Sevier County, Arkansas

The Cooperative Extension Service offers a host of educational programs and services.  If you do not see what you are looking for below, please contact our county Extension Office for assistance.

People in a Pesticide Applicator Training class

Pesticide Applicator Training (PAT) Classes

Pesticide regulations are the responsibility of the Arkansas State Plant Board.  All of the acts and regulations can be accessed at the Plant Board's website.

Sevier County Extension offers several PAT classes each year for farmers and homeowners in order for them to receive a license to purchase or apply restricted use pesticides including herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides.

Classes in Sevier County begin in December of each year and usually end in April or May.  For more information or to see when a class is scheduled, you may contact Sevier County Extension at (870) 584-3013 or click on Pesticide Applicator Training Sessions Calendar.

Photo: PAT class held at UA Cossatot Campus in De Queen for farmers and homeowners.

Chickens in yard

Backyard Poultry Flocks

Backyard poultry flocks are very popular now but owners should be aware of bio security precautions since high pathogenic Avian influenza has been diagnosed in several states, including Arkansas. Avian Influenza, commonly known as "bird flu", is an infectious disease of birds caused by type A Influenza viruses. The disease is carried by many wild bird species including migratory waterfowl like ducks and geese, which show few if any clinical signs of the disease. Influenza in birds is very contagious and can cause severe illness and death in domestic species such as chickens and turkeys. The potential losses and costs associated with outbreaks make it extremely important for the poultry producer and small poultry flock owner to protect their flocks against Avian Influenza and other diseases by using Bio security practices such as: Keep "No Visitors" signs posted at the entrance of the farm and enforce this by not allowing visitors on the farm or in the poultry houses. All farm personnel should wear separate clothing on the farm and these clothes should stay on the farm. Do not visit other poultry farms or flocks or have contact with other species of birds. Keep all poultry houses securely locked. All equipment, crates, coops, etc. should be thoroughly disinfected before and after use. Do not visit areas where Avian Influenza is a problem. If you have poultry on your farm that are sick or dying, see any unusual signs in your poultry, would like more bio security tips or have questions concerning Avian Influenza, contact your veterinarian, livestock inspector, local county agent, the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service poultry veterinarian (479-957-4245) or the Arkansas State Veterinarians office (501-907-2400).

Photo: Backyard poultry flock in Sevier County

people exercising in Extension Get Fit class

Extension Get Fit Classes

Sevier County Cooperative Extension Service is offering a group fitness program, Extension Get Fit, to help adults increase strength, flexibility, and balance. This 12-week program uses dumbbells and other equipment to improve fitness in a fun and relaxed one-hour class. The fitness sessions meet twice weekly in the activity room at Christopher Homes in Horatio. The class is instructed by Janet Cantrell, County Extension Agent-Family and Consumer Sciences and meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:00 pm.  Come on out and join the group!  For more information, call Sevier County Extension at (870) 584-3013 or email Janet at

Photo:  Janet Cantrell, CEA-FCS conducting an Extension Get Fit class.
 Students at setting at table enjoying a tasting activity as they learn how a cantaloupe looks, feels, tastes, and smells

SNAP-Ed Program

Smart Nutrition Active People-Education (SNAP-Ed) programs provide nutritional information to food stamp recipients and other eligible low-income individuals and families. Classes are held at the local schools and Senior Citizen Centers and handouts are available from our office. We also conduct SNAP-Ed cooking classes and educational displays are set up in the county. The participants report eating more fruits and vegetables and making healthier choices. For more information contact Janet Cantrell, CEA-FCS at the Sevier County Extension Office at (870) 584-3013 or

Photo: Students at Parkhill Preschool in De Queen enjoy a tasting activity as they learn how a cantaloupe looks, feels, tastes, and smells.

Portrait of Elizabeth Walker who attended 2013-2014 LeadAR class

Community and Economic Development

LeadAR is a leadership development program sponsored by the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension Service. This year's LeadAR class will include a national, and international study tour, and a community service project. The purpose of the seminars and tours is to enhance leadership skills and give participants a better understanding of key economic and social issues facing Arkansas and the nation.

Elizabeth Walker of Horatio was chosen for the 2013-2014 class.  Mrs. Walker says, "One of the most exciting aspects of LeadAR will be meeting and learning from many diverse, knowledgeable, and talented leaders. In September 2009, I transitioned from a career working as a senior process engineer to working with my husband on our cattle and poultry farm.

Once I transitioned to the farm full time, I quickly noticed that continuous improvement opportunities in my rural community were limited. To satisfy my need to learn, get better, and be involved, I actively seek opportunities like LeadAR. I look forward to using my LeadAR experience to positively impact my family, farm, community, and the future of agriculture."

For more information about our community development programs contact the Sevier County Extension Office at (870) 584-3013.

Photo:  Elizabeth Walker of Horatio is a participant of the 2013-2014 LeadAR class.

County Extension Agent Janet Cantrell standing behind podium teaching Best Care class

Child Care Provider Program

Sevier County offers 3 types of Child Care Provider classes for providers to earn credit hours through Traveling Arkansas Professional Pathways (TAPP) registry.

(1) Best Care classes are offered annually in a classroom setting held in Nashville, Arkansas in January and February. Child care providers can receive up to 10 hours of credit by attending the 4 classes.

(2) Best Care Connected are online classes where you can earn up to 5 hours of credit.  To sign up go to

(3) Guiding Children Successfully is offered through DVD's and handouts and are available at no charge through the County Extension Office. You have an option of earning up to 30 hours with this method.

Photo: Janet Cantrell, CEA-FCS teaching Best Care classes conducted by Sevier, Howard and Pike Counties held in Nashville.

Girl fishing at 2015 Cloverbud / Jr Day Camp

4-H Clubs

Sevier County 4-H has 19 adult 4-H volunteer leaders and 115 youth enrolled for FY2014-2015. October 1 of each year begins the new 4-H year and we are always looking for new members and volunteers to assist with the 4-H youth program. Being a 4-H volunteer can be a very rewarding experience. Not only do you help shape children's lives and teach them life skills but it gives you a sense of accomplishment when you see these kids overcoming challenges that you had a hand in.

The 4-H program offers youth a variety of skills and competitive opportunities. 4-H'ers can compete in many events including gun safety, fashion revue, bicycle, illustrated talks, forestry, livestock judging, and baitcasting & game fish ID. Activities such as camping, cooking, cake decorating, and gardening among others are offered. If you're interested in joining 4-H, you may contact Sevier County Extension office at (870) 584-3013.

Join us on 

Photo: 4-H'er, Reese Walker trying her hand at baitcasting at the 2015 Cloverbud/Jr. Day Camp held at Cossatot Reefs Campground in the Gillham, AR area.

People standing behind a table serving food

Sevier County Extension Service Interpretive Event

Sevier County Extension Service holds an Interpretive Event each year for the community leaders to let them know about the resources we provide for local citizens and how Extension benefits the community.  Most programs and information are provided to citizens free of charge.  Some of the programs offered by Sevier County Extension Service are: soil testing, water testing, pesticide training, 4-H activities, nutrition and health programs, cooking classes, and fitness classes.  We are also involved in community development programs like the Farmer’s Market, horse rescue team, and Sevier County Coalition.

If you’re interested in any of the programs provided by Extension, please contact our office at (870) 584-3013.


Photo:  Extension personnel and 4-H and EHC volunteers serving fingerfoods to community leaders at annual Interpretive Event held at the Sevier County Courthouse.

Women standing behind a table with food displayed on it

Mediterranean Cooking Classes

Sevier County Extension Agent-Family and Consumer Sciences (CEA-FCS), Janet Cantrell, and Eva Langley, CEA-FCS of Pike County conducted two Mediterranean Cooking classes at the Extension office on the UA Cossatot Campus in De Queen.  The hands-on classes featured recipes from Italy, Spain, France, Morocco, Greece, Lebanon and Egypt. Ninety-nine percent of the ingredients for the 20 recipes were bought in De Queen.  Attendees finished the evening with a family style meal which is a common practice in the Mediterranean.

Photo: Mediterranean Cooking class participants from left to right:  Eva Langley, CEA-FCS; Rosemary Moore; Jane Stallsworth; Lawana Friend; Pam Dooley; Rachel Dooley; Dana Stringfellow, CES-Admin. Spec.; and Janet Cantrell, CEA-FCS.